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The Rebirth of Nicodemus

Now available from En Route Books and Media - The Rebirth of Nicodemus.

Need a little reading to warm your winter nights? Join Nicodemus as he, his family, and the Apostle John fight to survive the Roman destruction of the temple, and find forgiveness for long-suffered sins.

I found The Rebirth of Nicodemus an intriguing story which captured my imagination. I could not help but think how many of us are on similar journeys of faith. Many clinging to the past, clinging to possessions, clinging to worldly desires, and our pride like an old tradition or faith. Knowing that the joy of our Lord Jesus and God is right in front of us, many times we are too afraid to take the steps forward and truly trust in Christ and his promise to us. I pray we all have this "Nicodemus moment". Tim B.

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