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Behind the Scenes

In the coming weeks, the half-hour author interview for my book, Challenged to Grow, will launch on Shalom World TV. More information can be found here, and you can also download the great Shalom World app for your phone or tablet.

I thought we'd turn the tables and ask a couple of questions of the host of the Shalom World program, Amy Cattapan, an author in her own right. Today, we'll address her experience asking the questions for the show, and then later talk about her books as well. You can find more information about Amy here.

Me - You recently completed your work as the interviewer for a series of book author interviews for Shalom World. Tell us a bit about Shalom World and the goal for the author series. What were the challenges of being on the interviewer side of the microphone?

Amy - Shalom World is an amazing company that began about 30 years ago in a small village in India when a group of young adults prayed around a broken TV set asking God to help them build a Catholic multimedia program. Out of that has grown a beautiful, glossy magazine and a television network. Over the years, Shalom grew and spread outside India. Shalom World USA began on the day Pope John Paul II was canonized a saint. The book review program that I host is called BOOK.eD, and we began interviewing authors for this show this past summer.

The challenges for me have been related to the fact that I’m not at all trained as a journalist or interviewer! My training is in education. However, God always provides! I’ve been able to draw on my extensive theater experience from my younger years as well as my experiences now in my doctorate program as I work on how to best interview subjects for my research.

The goal of BOOK.eD is to introduce the audience to great Christian books that will inspire and uplift them on their spiritual journeys. The audience gets to “meet” the authors as I interview them and hear from a reader who was inspired by that book. I hope the audience finds lots of new favorite reads while watching this show, or at least feels inspired to grow closer to God.

---------- Book.Ed shows air every Thursday evening and you can catch up on past episodes by clicking here.

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