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Man for the Ages

I first met Fr. Bob Miller at an ecumenical meeting in 2016 and had the great opportunity to spend time with him at a quarterly 'cohort' meeting over the course of 2017. What caught my attention was his wide range of knowledge, sharing my interest in history to the point of authoring several books, including a fascinating study of the Civil War.

Earlier this summer, I was asked to sit down for an author interview with Shalom World ( regarding my new book, Challenged to Grow. When I first clicked on their website, there was Fr. Miller again. He preaches a series of 25-minutes talks through a program called 'Hope to Heal Our Darkness'.

Now, Fr. Miller is the pastor or a largely African-American parish (St. Dorothy) on the south side of Chicago. If you ever thought Catholic priests cannot stoke the emotional fires for Christ and preach in an engaging way, well, here, strap in, and find out for yourself!

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