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  • Rick Akins

'Watching' the Faith

We all know we should learn more about our faith. But, sometimes, it is just too much hassle to carve out time to read a book or article. And, what about our kids? They are certainly a video generation.

To meet these needs, we launched the Fundamentally Catholic site on the on-line educational video platform, Thinktific. To visit, please click here.

What can you find there?

1) Free 'Short Courses' covering key Catholic issues such as the doctrines of the Papacy and Mary

2) A full-length educational platform that follows several Catholic books, such as the newly released Challenged to Grow, Fundamentally Catholic and Romans by Paul.

3) Information concerning today's increasingly effective efforts toward 'ecumenism' - the drive for greater unity within our Christian Churches.

4) Presentations by professors and authors, leaders in the field of church history and the ecumenical views of other Christian faiths.

5) And a monthly short-form program that tackles one major item of the faith in a 15-minute presentation.

We hope you can join up in this exciting program to grow in your faith to better handle the challenges we all face. To visit, please click here.

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