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  • Rick Akins

Over 1500 families have responded to the challenge

At Fundamentally Catholic, our goal has always been to help Catholic grow in their faiths and meet the challenges provided by society and especially other Christians. Supported by this knowledge, we can go into the world with a view toward building true Christian unity.

With the recent launch of the Audible and Kindle versions of our new book, Challenged to Grow, we have now brought this message to over 1500 individuals and their families.

Will you join the challenge?

What can you learn to explain and defend the faith?

1) The top biblical challenges for (and against) the Catholic Faith

2) The four main arguments against the Catholic view of Mary

3) The logic and history behind the sacraments

4) The development of the Bible and the key issues at the foundation of our faith.

Click here for more information concerning Fundamentally Catholic and our new book, Challenged to Grow, published by New City Press.

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