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Radio Interview - Upcoming Fiction Book, Nicodemus

Sometimes, don't we just want to read a good story? Keep away, for now, the theory and theology, I just want to be carried away to a different time and place.

So it was that I began writing Nicodemus, Book 1 of the Foundations Series. The good people at Enroute Media and WCAT Radio honored me with a second interview this summer, this time discussing the upcoming book, Nicodemus, and how the story brings alive some of the early history of the church.

Set in 70 AD as the Romans are about to destroy Jerusalem, we follow the story of the Rabbi Nicodemus, who met Jesus one night as recorded in the third chapter of the Gospel of John. The man told that he must be 'born again'. Aged Nicodemus is now cared for by his widowed daughter Anna, and granddaughter Miriam, when his dwindling life is interrupted by a knock at the door. A knock from John the Apostle, the last living eye-witness to Jesus and a man desperately writing one last biography of the Lord for his infant but growing church.

And with John arrival - Nicodemus must once again face the decades old guilt from being the one who sent Herod's men to Bethlehem after the infant Jesus.

To listen to the interview, please click here, or the logo above.

Nicodemus is due for publication January, 2019.

For more information concerning my new book, Challenged to Grow, please click here.

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