• Rick Akins

Why I Remained Catholic

My new book, Challenged to Grow, covers many topics, but the book took final shape around one questions - Why am I remaining Catholic?

Like most Christians of any denomination, I was raised to understand and practice one particular expression of the faith. Suddenly, I was challenged to consider another expression of the Christian faith and placed under pressure to change. I either needed to grow in my faith, or I needed to move on.

Over the following decade, even as I became more interested in Christian unity with non-Catholics, I grew more and more Catholic in my beliefs. As I followed the Evangelical focus on the biblical texts, I found support for every aspect of Catholic faith and practice.

As I detail in Challenged to Grow, the key insights that built my Catholicism were:

1) Understanding the development of the Bible and the purposes the Church, long before the Reformation, saw for the Scriptures

2) The logic behind the sacraments and how a merciful God uses them to help maintain and build our faith.

3) The universality of our Catholic faith and how we can honestly and sincerely accept other validly baptized Christians within our faith family. Through this, we continue to serve the Lord and his prayer at the Last Supper for unity within his followers. Why? Because our unity shows the world that the Father really did send the the Son.

Challenged to Grow will be available February 15, 2018

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