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Book Announcement

We are pleased to announce the publication date for our new book, Challenged to Grow.

New City Press will kick off the Lenten season, 2018, with the release of Challenge to Grow on February 15, 2018, the day after Ash Wednesday.

Challenged to Grow provides Catholics and Protestants a first-hand view of Christian unity from a life-long Catholic thrust into an Evangelical congregation for over a decade. The book covers a host of common misunderstandings that get in the way of true fellowship. For Catholics specifically, Challenged to Grow provides a view of the challenges our children often face which come from questions we are never trained to answer.

Early Reviews for Challenged to Grow

Regarding Richard Akins’ book, Challenged to Grow, I can enthusiastically recommend its publication. Part spiritual memoir, part manual for ecumenical dialogue, this book gives the reader a unique perspective on Catholic-Protestant relations, and follows the author’s devotional and intellectual journey through many of the major points of contention between traditional Catholicism and conservative Protestantism. Akins is reclaiming the concept of fundamental Christianity, rescuing it from a narrowly unchristian application, and applying it to the universal Church for the sake of Christian unity. This book should see the light of day, and will prove eye-opening and edifying for those who read it.

- James L. Papandrea, Ph.D., Author and Professor of Early Church History

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