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Luke, I am your Father (Part 2)

My good friend and wonderful author, Jim Papandrea, has released a new book. The theme is the prevalence of Christ-like figures within our favorite science fiction movies and TV shows. I asked him for a little background, and this is what Jim said:

  1. What were the two or three criteria for considering a fictional character to be a Christ-figure? Obviously, a lot of characters sacrifice something for the greater good. Are there additional criteria you looked for?

Sacrifice is very common in hero stories, sometimes even sacrificing one’s very life - or at least being willing to. Story heroes often cheat death in one way or another, which is a kind of nod to the resurrection. But there are other comparisons as well, including whether (or to what extent) the hero has super-human powers, or human frailties, or whether the hero is immortal in any sense. Maybe one of the most important comparisons has to do with how you answer this question: Did the hero start out as a mere human and become a hero, or did the hero start out as super-human and become one of us?

To order, Jim's book, please click here:

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