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  • Rick Akins

A Little Challenge

New Book Release!!!

I am please to announce that New City Press will soon publish my latest book, Challenged to Grow. Look for the book this Christmas season.

Challenged to Grow is derived from my past 12 twelves living part-time in an Evangelicals, Reformed Christian environment and my work in the Ecumenical efforts of my diocese.

The goal of the book is simple - to provide Catholics who have not experienced the challenges of a Reformed Church the questions they will pose to our friends and family, and the specific answers to those challenges.

Protestants, for their part, will be interested in a view of the Catholic faith, not just quoting from the catechism and scripture, but answering the concerns they have been taught about the Catholic Church for centuries.

Challenged to Grow is divided into three major sections, covering the Bible, the Mass (and sacraments), and the doctrines of the faith.

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