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  • Rick Akins

A Challenge to Grow By

When I began my trek through the Evangelical/Reformed expression of the faith, I was stunned by the challenges I faced by these new brothers and sisters against my Catholic beliefs.

The issue was that, even though I knew my Catholic faith well, I had never been challenged to go deeper. To understand the history of the Church. To see how the doctrines of the Catholic faith are supported by the Bible. To explain the sacraments and the various practices of our faith.

I look forward to sharing with you the lessons I learned within my new book, published later this year by New City Press. This book, Challenged to Grow, is not a rehash of the Catholic doctrines we've been brought up in. Instead, it is a clear and concise look at the challenges we and our families often face by non-Catholic Christians. The answers we share in Challenged to Grow provide not only for a deeper faith, but also serve as a bridge to other Christians who have not been brought up to understand our Catholic beliefs.

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