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Ecumenism (Christian Unity) Program

I introduced the Catholics United with Protestants (CUP) program after more than a decade living within both Catholic and (anti-Catholic) Evangelical communities. For me, Ecumenism - the drive for Christian Unity - has long been a family affair.

I saw in this effort several key benefits -

1) I was obeying Jesus' call for unity (Jn 17:21).

2) United with my fellow Christians, I could better evangelize the world with the Gospel, and better influence our culture.

3) Together, we better serve the needs of our fellow human beings.

At first, as I discovered the 'inside story' about the Evangelical theology and their practices of worship, I wrote Fundamentally Catholic to describe the misunderstandings I experienced that unfortunately promoted Christian DIS-UNITY. I sought to help readers on both sides appreciate, respect and better understand the other.

Later, after my third book was completed, I was asked by my Church to take more of a role in Ecumenism and I realized this goal was actually the theme underlying all of my books.

But, we are all so busy. My team and I developed he CUP Program for those who desperately need this information but don't have time to read one (or more) books.

What information?

Well, just a couple of examples:

1) Why do Protestants claim Catholics are idolaters by 'praying' to Mary?

2) What was the Catholic role in developing and authorizing the Bible?

3) What are the seven Sacraments, and how are they misunderstood?

4) Do Protestants really believe they are saved 'once for all' and they can sin all they want?

5) What is Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide and the other foundational concepts of the Reformation?

6) What did Martin Luther really protest?

7) What is purgatory and what do Catholics actually teach about this doctrine?

8) What does the acrostic TULIP mean and does this lead to the exclusionary belief in predestined election?

9) Most importantly, ARE WE ALL TRULY CHRISTIANS?

What is in the CUP Program?

The CUP Program is for both Catholics and Protestants. We offer a set of single page 'Cheat sheets' you can download for FREE to quickly answer many of the concepts currently dividing the Church. A great, quick resource to share with family and friends.

What to try one out? Click here for our Cheat Sheet on the concepts revolving around Mary.

If one of these topics tickles your fancy, we offer our 3 Key Questions series of short courses. They take no more that 15-20 minutes to watch and are available for only a few dollars a piece.

Click here to register for our 3 Key Questions course on Mary. Remember to enter the coupon code 'mary' (no caps) to receive a $5 discount.

Many of these courses will be presented by members of various Christian churches and will reduce the misunderstandings we all have of one another.

And, it you truly want a deep understanding of Ecumenism, we offer a four unit CORE Program with a number of bonus material. The course is available July 18, 2016, but you can receive 50% pre-launch discount by clicking here and entering 'core' (no caps) in the coupon box. The entire course - just $20.

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