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Catholics United with Protestants (CUP)

WELCOME to the CUP Program.  This on-line training course is designed for all Christians who are interested in promoting Christian Unity.

1 - Learn how Christian division is a scandal, disobeying Jesus' call for his followers to be ONE.

2 - Learn how Christian division hurts our ablity to reach unbelievers with the Gospel.

3 - Learn how Christian division hurts our ability to serve the world.

4 - Lern how Christian division enables those who stand against the Christian faith to silence our collective voice.

5 - Learn how the Holy Spirit is leading Christians of all denominations into new relationships and a spirit of communication toward unity.

6 - Learn how you can build bridges with fellow Christians in your own life and local community.

Core Program Now Available

CUP program, Module 1, Lesson 1-4:  The current state of ecumenism and the drive for Christian unity.

For members of the Diocese of Joliet only, click below to register.  On the registration page, click on "I have a coupon' and enter 'joliet'.

The entire core course - all for just $3

Members of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois

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