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Coming in March 2021 - Romans by Paul

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It is not enough to understand one's own faith.  We much understand and answer the challenges others use against our beliefs.  Can you imagine a football team only practicing their own plays without considering how the other team will plan to stop them?

After a decade of work and study in the Evangelical world, author Rick Akins uses the very same scriptural references, beginning with the book of Romans, that are used to attack the Catholic faith.  Step-by-step, Romans by Paul considers and explains these verses, showing the consistency and biblical truths found within the apostolic Catholic faith.

In doing so, we can combat those who divide the body of Christ, and arm ourselves, our families and our loved ones with the answers they will need when facing those who try to use the Bible to cast doubt on the faith.

Catholic readers of Romans by Paul will become better acquainted with the biblical references used to support arguments against the Church.  They will become comfortable with the interpretation of those same verses that supports a more Catholic understanding of the Gospel.  Reformed Christians will find permission via Romans by Paul to rediscover the wider Christian world as a much larger family of God, this is Good News. 

Enjoy then a bit of the Good News told from a single voice that holds the whole experience together.  One that is probably not too far from your own struggle with freedom and grace.


Reverend Dr. John Balluff, S.T.D.    July 29, 2020

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