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As the Romans prepare to destroy Jerusalem and its Temple in 70 A.D., the Apostle John visits elderly Nicodemus, who is cared for by his devout and loving daughter, Anna.  John, the last surviving Apostle, seeks information for his writing of the fourth Gospel. 


Nicodemus, however, lives with a terrible secret.  As a young and prideful scribe, he told King Herod where the ‘king of the Jews’ would be born.  From this mistake, the children of Bethlehem were butchered. 


Follow the story about the destruction of the Temple as Nicodemus finds ultimate redemption for his sins.

2020 Catholic Publishing Novel of the Year Award Winner

What our readers are saying about The Rebirth of Nicodemus?

“I really enjoyed getting to know Nicodemus’s character and found it quite creative how the author had him, in some way, involved with all the critical stages of Christ’s life. Through Nicodemus’s perspective, we see the landscape, learn of the political struggle, and experience life as a Jewish person in this first century. This was particularly evident when Nicodemus takes John to the Temple the first time to tell him about meeting Jesus when he was 12. Those descriptions, smells, details….all well done. I pray this book finds its way into the hands of thousands of people. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful story that I would recommend to any of my friends and family.” – Natalie Hanemann, Owner and Editor, Hanemann Editorial

“The Rebirth of Nicodemus is a story takes you in and takes you back, being a part of the troubled times which include the destruction of the temple. It is one family’s story of being caught up in the violence and finding hope in Jesus the Son of God. Their company and guide is St. John the Beloved. The characters whose names we know from history are made vivid, living, walking souls and we become their contemporaries. It is good company I recommend you walk with them.” – Rev. Dr. Balluff S.T.D., Vicar for Priests Diocese of Joliet

“I will say I was entertained, and it was a powerful finish for sure. I found The Rebirth of Nicodemus an intriguing story which captured my imagination. I could not help but think how many of us are on similar journeys of faith. Many clinging to the past, clinging to possessions, clinging to worldly desires and our pride like an old tradition or faith. Knowing that the joy of our Lord Jesus and God is right in front of us, many times we are too afraid to take the steps forward and truly trust in Christ and his promise to us. I pray we all have this ‘Nicodemus moment.’ ‘Send your Spirit, send your Spirit like the wind Lord, forgive me, take me back!'” – Tim Botka, Director, Fishers of Men, Diocese of Joliet

“The Rebirth of Nicodemus not only gives new life to Nicodemus, it brings back to life on earth to a host of first century Jews and Christians, the beloved disciple John, and Jesus Christ, Who loved him and loves us all. This book is masterful historical and biblical fiction. I can only imagine how many hours Rick Akins spent in research and in weaving this story together, but I know he has provided every reader a few hours of inspiration and delight.” – Kevin Vost, Psy.D., Author of 12 Eternal Life Lessons from St. Thomas Aquinas

“In The Rebirth of Nicodemus, Rick Akins give us a unique and reverent take on a story of a turbulent time – and the timeless story of Jesus – a devotional speculation of beautiful connections told through the conversations of beloved Gospel characters, against the backdrop of the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple. A worthy addition to the tradition of biblical historical fiction!” – Jim L. Papandrea, M.Div., Ph.D., Professor of Church History and Historical Theology

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Click here to listen to the newly released 'Author to Author' interview regarding the new novel, ​

The Rebirth of Nicodemus


Thank you to the interview host, Dr. Cynthia Toolin, and the great people at En Route Books and Media.

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