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I discovered so much, I had to write it down

  • How could I explain the history and tradition of the Catholic Church to my children?

  • What about those who think Catholics don't believe in the Bible?

  • How best to explain Mary, Purgatory, the Sacraments, why we don't eat fish on certain days during Lent, and so much more????  

  • Could I make the faith easily understandable, and fun to learn?

It was only when challenged directly by other Christians that I spent the time to truly learn our faith.  I wrote down what I discovered for my children in an step-by-step guide.

What our readers are saying about Challenged to Grow?

Regarding Richard Akins’ book, Challenged to Grow, I can enthusiastically recommend its publication. Part spiritual memoir, part manual for ecumenical dialogue, this book gives the reader a unique perspective on Catholic-Protestant relations, and follows the author’s devotional and intellectual journey through many of the major points of contention between traditional Catholicism and conservative Protestantism. Akins is reclaiming the concept of fundamental Christianity, rescuing it from a narrowly unchristian application, and applying it to the universal Church for the sake of Christian unity. This book should see the light of day, and will prove eye-opening and edifying for those who read it.

—James L. Papandrea, Ph.D., Professor of Early Church History and author of a dozen books

"As a  convert and ecumenically minded Catholic, I appreciated the balance you tried to give to other Christian faith traditions.  I appreciated your emphasis on trying to provide a balanced perspective while still being honest about why you believe what you believe.  That's a hard line to tow, but I appreciate how you wrestle with that in the book.  It's honest."


Sam O

" Never did the author lecture the reader.  He shows a way to thoughtful tolerance that should be the goal of all people.  The book was never dull.  This was a peaceful and enlightening book." Carol D.

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