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From Award-Winning Novelist....

Romans by Paul


Please join us on Saturday, May 1, at 11:00 am Eastern / 10:00 am Central for a 'Meet the Author' with Richard L. Akins concerning his recent publication Romans by Paul (En Route Books & Media, 2021). Details and registration form available at Get your copy today! And Meet the Author on May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker!"

From Richard Akins, the award-winning author of the Rebirth of Nicodemus and Challenge to Grow, comes the must-read book for all Catholics, Romans by Paul.  Now available through EnRoute Books and Media and Amazon.

Born from a decade's worth of experience in the evangelical world, Romans by Paul presents a detailed but easy-to-read account of the arguments we are challenged with from our fellow Christ followers. 


Rooted in the specific biblical verses and arguments from the book of Romans and elsewhere in Scripture, Romans by Paul provides concrete answers and proofs that Catholicism best represents biblical Christianity.

Learn to defend your faith and build bridges with our fellow Christians.  Read, Romans by Paul.

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Catholic readers of Romans by Paul will become better acquainted with the biblical references used to support arguments against the Church.  They will become comfortable with the interpretation of those same verses that supports a more Catholic understanding of the Gospel.  Reformed Christians will find permission via Romans by Paul to rediscover the wider Christian world as a much larger family of God, this is Good News. 

Enjoy then a bit of the Good News told from a single voice that holds the whole experience together.  One that is probably not too far from your own struggle with freedom and grace.


Reverend Dr. John Balluff, S.T.D.    July 29, 2020

Novel of the Year Award Winner

As the Romans prepare to destroy Jerusalem and its Temple in 70 A.D., the Apostle John visits elderly Nicodemus, who is cared for by his devout and loving daughter, Anna.  John, the last surviving Apostle, seeks information for his writing of the fourth Gospel. 


Nicodemus, however, lives with a terrible secret.  As a young and prideful scribe, he told King Herod where the ‘king of the Jews’ would be born.  From this mistake, the children of Bethlehem were butchered. 


Follow the story about the destruction of the Temple as Nicodemus finds ultimate redemption for his sins.


Click on the cover to purchase The Rebirth of Nicodemus

Video produced by Acclaim Media.

“I really enjoyed getting to know Nicodemus’s character and found it quite creative how the author had him, in some way, involved with all the critical stages of Christ’s life. Through Nicodemus’s perspective, we see the landscape, learn of the political struggle, and experience life as a Jewish person in this first century. This was particularly evident when Nicodemus takes John to the Temple the first time to tell him about meeting Jesus when he was 12. Those descriptions, smells, details….all well done. I pray this book finds its way into the hands of thousands of people. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful story that I would recommend to any of my friends and family.” – Natalie Hanemann, Owner and Editor, Hanemann Editorial

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For the YouTube video, click here

The global Catholic network, Shalom World, aired a half-hour author interview with me concerning my recent book, Challenged to Grow.  Thank you to the people at Shalom World!


Replays are available at the Shalom World Book.ed  page .

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"Eye-opening, easy to read, first hand experience of the author and his family as he struggled to keep himself and his family engaged in their life-long faith. I learned A LOT about my own Catholic faith by reading about Richard's challenges. I would definitely recommend this book." - Ken M.

This is most assuredly a helpful book. But it is also an unusual book. Rick Akins challenges us to grow into deeper unity inside the body of Christ. I heartily recommend Challenged to Grow because Rick's story will help both Catholics and evangelicals truly love one another.

—Dr. John H. Armstrong, Founder/President, ACT3 Network, Carol Stream, IL  Author, Costly Love: The Way to True Unity for All the Followers of Jesus

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