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Novel of the Year Award

The Rebirth of Nicodemus has been awarded 3rd in the Catholic Novel of the Year  category from the Catholic Press.


 Thank you to EnRoute Books and Media, my editor Natalie Hanemann.


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“The Rebirth of Nicodemus is a story takes you in and takes you back, being a part of the troubled times which include the destruction of the temple. It is one family’s story of being caught up in the violence and finding hope in Jesus the Son of God. Their company and guide is St. John the Beloved. The characters whose names we know from history are made vivid, living, walking souls and we become their contemporaries. It is good company I recommend you walk with them.” – Rev. Dr. Balluff S.T.D., Vicar for Priests Diocese of Joliet

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The Rebirth of Nicodemus


Thank you to the interview host, Dr. Cynthia Toolin, and the great people at En Route Books and Media.

“I really enjoyed getting to know Nicodemus’s character and found it quite creative how the author had him, in some way, involved with all the critical stages of Christ’s life. Through Nicodemus’s perspective, we see the landscape, learn of the political struggle, and experience life as a Jewish person in this first century. This was particularly evident when Nicodemus takes John to the Temple the first time to tell him about meeting Jesus when he was 12. Those descriptions, smells, details….all well done. I pray this book finds its way into the hands of thousands of people. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful story that I would recommend to any of my friends and family.” – Natalie Hanemann, Owner and Editor, Hanemann Editorial

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The global Catholic network, Shalom World, aired a half-hour author interview with me concerning my recent book, Challenged to Grow.  Thank you to the people at Shalom World!


Replays are available under the Book.ed link

"Eye-opening, easy to read, first hand experience of the author and his family as he struggled to keep himself and his family engaged in their life-long faith. I learned A LOT about my own Catholic faith by reading about Richard's challenges. I would definitely recommend this book." - Ken M.

This is most assuredly a helpful book. But it is also an unusual book. Rick Akins challenges us to grow into deeper unity inside the body of Christ. I heartily recommend Challenged to Grow because Rick's story will help both Catholics and evangelicals truly love one another.

—Dr. John H. Armstrong, Founder/President, ACT3 Network, Carol Stream, IL  Author, Costly Love: The Way to True Unity for All the Followers of Jesus

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